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Dutch female specimen: J
28"w x 34" h x 3.5" d

photographic prints, insect pins, pinning foam, gelatin capsules, glass vials, acrylic paint,
test tubes, paint samples, cast resin, magnifying boxes, plastic specimen bags, cotton thread, costume jewelry, beads



subject: 1622 painting of Johanna le Maire by Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy

-residence: Amsterdam
-both parents resided in Amsterdam
-married to Pieter van Son, painted on the occasion of their wedding, in -the right hand, subject holds wedding gloves
-Pickenoy was known to paint other subjects (shown in upper right)

As the subjects of the paintings are divorced from their original context, which is to say the figure is dissected from the painting, the hierarchy of perception shifts from the subject as painting to that as person. Working with highly recognizeably source material maintains a strong connection to the orginal painting, which allows me to further abstract the reconstruction without losing an essential connection to the fact it is a painting as much as a person.